Guest posts on A Practical Wedding

Quick blog post to update you all on a project I managed to squeeze in before Tallulah arrived. I'm super excited that I was asked to do some guest blog posts for my most favorite of favorite blogs, A Practical Wedding. I've been reading A Practical Wedding almost since it's inception years ago, back when it was on Blogger and was just Meg herself ranting about the wedding industry. It inspired my own wedding, and frankly, it inspired me to start this business. So getting to write some logistics blog posts about finding a venue and doing a venue site visit for them was a huge honor and thrill! The first one ran on February 3rd, Tallulah's birthday. So I was a little distracted and wasn't able to share in a timely manner! This post breaks down how to get started and choose a wedding venue.

The second one ran yesterday, and is all about the essential questions you should ask when doing a venue site visit

Enjoy! And big thanks again to APW for the opportunity! Now back to breastfeeding...



Friday Links: Anchors Aweigh!

I'm still not blogging as much as I'd like to, but I hope to do more as my wedding season slows down... in 2-3 months. Ah well, I'll keep doing what I can. Til then, I'm actually getting ready to head out on vacation. I'll post about it when I return, but very much looking forward to being unplugged (by force, but sometimes that's the best way) - starting to think unplugging at least once a week is the way to go. Please, please, please, can we stop expecting wedding gifts to be worth a certain amount and then being horribly tacky and bitchy about it when they don't live up to your crazy expectations? Thank you.

Moving on to the real stuff, The Atlantic had an awesome article about feminism, the sharing of household duties, men vs. women, and marriage. It's really fantastic and I highly recommend it. Thoughtful stuff (though it is not very gender neutral, so apologies to LGBT folk).

The NY Times published a Vows story that got super hyped up and I have to admit was rather fabulous (professional juggler falls in love with artist who sets things on fire? Rad.)

Remember my Say No to the Dress post? Well here are a couple more options for ladies who want to wear pants to their wedding

And finally, the photos from the weddings I've been doing this year have slowly been rolling in. The amazing photographer Amber Wilkie just blogged about Shira and Graeme and I adore her pics. It was an awesome wedding and while I hope to do my own blog post about it in the future, check it out now cause it'll undoubtedly make you smile.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th! I'll catch you on the flip side...


Friday Links: Think Positively

This week. THIS WEEK. Good grief. It's been a rough one for so many reasons. Monday's bombing hit hard for me. A huge majority of my family lives in the Boston area. My mother and step-dad, my sister, many cousins, uncles and aunts. I had several friends who were both running the marathon and at the marathon. And let's not even go into the Senate's decision on gun control. So.

I really want to bring some positivity up in here.

Let's start with a beautiful piece my cousin wrote about running with her fear. Yes, the same writer cousin who has an awesome blog you should be reading. It's a gorgeous piece about fear, running, and good old beantown. If you don't read any other links, please read this one.

I also really like this piece from The Atlantic about how to move forward after these terrifying acts.

Let's also not forget that it's springtime, people! The time for growth, renewal, and flowers! If you happen to live in the Shenandoah Valley area, check out Kinfolk's upcoming flower potluck. Love it. Wish I lived a bit closer...

I am also recently obsessed with an awesome new blog called Advanced Style. It chronicles amazing older women and their beauty and fashion. LOVE. This post I thought was especially wonderful, this week of all weeks. Wise words from a stylish wise woman on the power of positive thinking.

And finally. Can we all please give it up for this most amazing future bride? I think it's the most kick-ass description of a dream wedding I've ever read - not to mention the most succinct and rad description of why non-white wedding dresses are the sh!t. (oh, and for you old folks out there like me, MCR is "My Chemical Romance" - amaze).

Happy Friday folks. Stay positive and let's keep on keepin' on.


Friday Links: Reasons to Party

  I wanted to start this Friday off with post that I think is super essential for any engaged couple to read. It is, of course, from the always wise writers that contribute to A Practical Wedding. And it stresses that your wedding isn't your last chance to throw a party. I love this (really not very controversial or mind-blowing) notion. Frankly, I think it not only contributes to an easier wedding planning process, but also to a better, happier life. When you take a step back and realize that you can throw a big ol' party for any reason, at any time... that can be pretty powerful. It takes the pressure off, and also reminds you to find reasons to celebrate throughout your marriage and your life. So head on over, read it, enjoy, and then tell me what your next bash is going to be. Mine is February 1, 2014 (seriously. more on that later).

It's also cherry blossom season! Woot woot! I've never been in DC during the cherry blossoms so I took an afternoon off and headed over there this week to check them out. They were gorgeous and I loved it. So happy spring has sprung. What better way to celebrate the cherry blossoms than with a cherry cocktail? And my spring fever made me love this post on how to incorporate edible flowers into your wedding.

Finally, I adored this story about a VA couple that just recently got married on their 20th anniversary. Go check them out - and if you're a same sex couple in the VA area who was legally married out-of-state and are excited about the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, check out Equality Virginia's CookOUT and host a BBQ!

Happy Friday!

Friday Links: Officiants, One-Lowsmanship, & more suits!

  I had a very busy week this week. Exciting new collaborations with Capitol Romance and a photo shoot with the awesome Stephen Gosling (I'll share the pics once I have them).

But first thing's first: Best. Officiant. EVER.

Per this week's post on lady's menswear, more suits here! Click through to see some lovely cream options from H&M, available April 4th. Line up, ladies.

There have been a lot of mixed reviews on the season finale of Girls. However you felt about it, this breakdown of how long it would have actually taken Adam to run to Hannah's apartment killed me - the ex-New Yorker in me loved this. I used to live in Prospect Heights. The idea that he'd even consider traveling from Prospect Heights to Greenpoint (let alone take the G train), is absolutely insane.

Finally, I adored Off-Beat Bride's post about one-lowsmanship & one-upsmanship this week. Read it. Now. It ties in with my post on the pressure to be crafty, and I will nod my head til it falls off to this brilliant statement: "Engaged women don't need another voice telling them they're failing. It doesn't matter if it's a voice of tradition telling them they're wrong for wanting to have their wedding in the round, or a voice of non-tradition telling them they're wrong for wanting to wear a white dress — brides need encouragement and support."

**(except that I'd add "engaged women and men" but that's nit picky)

Friday Links: Practical Inspiration...and beer

Those of you who have clicked on my "Sanity Pledge" know that I'm officially a "sane" wedding vendor through the excellent blog, A Practical Wedding. They launched a new feature on their site this week called How We Did It. It features fab photos from a particular wedding and then instead of discussing the crafts, beauty, or decor of the wedding, it discusses the down and dirty practical stuff - how they pulled of their wedding, how much it cost, and what went into actually making the event happen. The best part is, the first one is a wonderful, local DC wedding! I love this feature and can't wait to see more of them on APW - so helpful for all engaged couples. This is a great new resource I discovered that creates custom banners. I am legitimately considering getting one that says "get sh!t done" and hanging it in my office.

This has been making the rounds, so you may have seen this already - but had to share this awesome proposal gone awry (or in my opinion, just made way more memorable!).

Sad and frustrating article about how changing your status to "engaged" on the internets can drive you crazy.

And finally, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I urge you all to drink some beer this weekend. This is a great photo essay (that made me quite homesick) of Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn. Sweet Action is my all-time favorite - I may need to grab a 4 pack in honor of my Irish heritage. That, or make one of these (which I had at a delicious beer pairing meal at The Vanderbilt back in my bklyn days).


Friday Links: Miss Piggy and an ambush wedding

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day! Anyone get engaged? If so, just be thankful this wasn't your proposal. Great recap of the really awkward, basically horrible ambush *cough* oh sorry "flash" wedding GMA staged yesterday. It really broke my heart.

In happier news, Miss Piggy is getting married (again).

And even happier news, DC is getting it's own branch of the fabulous bridal shop, Lovely, in May. I bought my own dress at this shop in NYC and I'm so thrilled they're going to be in DC now. They are hip, down-to-earth, and offer beautiful dresses and other accessories. Very exciting!

And finally, congratulations Illinois! Now House, get your sh!t together and pass this thing.

Happy Friday everyone!


Friday Links: Naked cakes and eff weddings

  I realize this is a bit extreme considering I work in the wedding industry. But I've never hidden the fact that I don't really love the traditional wedding industry, so with tongue in cheek, I proclaim that I really want this t-shirt:

You must also check out their "weddings we love" - especially if you want excellent procrastination material

Naked cakes have been around for a while on Pinterest, but here's a great round-up from Snippet & Ink. I'm the odd duck who really doesn't like a lot of frosting, so I love this idea. And it'd fit so well with a rustic, casual reception or celebration.

East Side Bride featured an awesome illegal gay wedding (with a tux jacket I am lusting after, something fierce)

Finally, this has been making the rounds for quite a while, but I needed a pick-me-up this week and this always brings a smile to my face (and, let's face it, also makes me cry. but not ugly cry. good cry). Enjoy. I give you my favorite proposal of all time (except my own, obviously).

Friday Links: happy holidays!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Not only is it the holiday season - but it's also engagement season! The holiday season between Christmas Eve and New Years is one of the most popular times to get engaged (I, myself, got engaged on Christmas Day). I know there will be a lot of newly engaged folks ready to start planning in 2013 - so please get in touch if want some help getting started, planning the whole shebang, or just some month-of assistance. Speaking of engagements, the latest issue of Washingtonian's Bride & Groom just came out (if you're unable to find it, check out Whole Foods - a lovely twitter friend gave me that scoop and I was able to grab a couple copies!). I was really thrilled that so many of the real couples they featured in the magazine got engaged at home. I've always been turned off by the strange pressure for people to have "engagement stories" or elaborate plans, as if that's what will make the marriage great. I think choosing to spend the rest of your life with someone is really all that matters - doesn't matter where or when or how that decision was made! Anyway, it's a great issue, as always - so check it out (and their blog is a wonderful resource as well).

For my Brooklyn readers, Brooklyn Magazine had a great feature by the always excellent Brooklyn Bride about brooklyn wedding essentials.

Moving on to the holidays, I love this "no buy" gift guide. I always love giving experiences - there are some great ideas here!

I'll be taking some time off to enjoy the holiday season with my friends and family. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy, happy new year! Leaving you with my favorite holiday song of all-time (no joke), True Blue Miracle from Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. Apparently, Sesame Street is near 86th St. Who knew?

Happy Holidays!!

happy holidays!