Frequently Asked Questions


DO you work with same-sex couples?

Hell yes, we do!

“Importantly, as a gay couple, we felt that she was as supportive and affirming as could be (something that cannot be said of all planners) and in going through her sourcing, we knew that all vendors she proposed would be similarly supportive.”
— Adam and Ryan

What geographical area do you cover?

We cover the greater DC metro area. Our coordinator, Tarra, also covers the Baltimore area for month-of coordination. Some basic travel and lodging fees may apply for areas farther than 25 miles from DC/Baltimore (depending on the planner/coordinator).


Will you travel?

Absolutely! We will travel anywhere for cost – i.e. no additional travel fees, just the actual travel expenses like flights/train/hotel.


Why do I need an event or wedding planner?

I find that most people who choose to hire planners highly value their time and peace of mind. But there are a variety of reasons a wedding planner could be helpful to you. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the process and could use some guidance, organization, and assistance. Maybe you have a busy job that you love and simply don’t have the time to plan your event. Maybe the thought of creating a budget spreadsheet sends chills down your spine. Or maybe there are some challenging relationship dynamics among families, and a neutral third party would help keep the stress levels low. Most important, it’s not just your event that should be fun – the planning process should be fun. You should work with vendors (planners included) who make the experience of planning an event an enjoyable one. It’s our job to not only get it right, but to make it a positive experience for you.

I could not have been less worried about the wedding logistics and vendor choices with Katie at the helm. Unlike many of our friends, my (new!) husband and I thought wedding planning was super fun and did not find it stressful. We would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend her to any interested couples.
— Emily and Paul

Why do I need a Month-Of coordinator?

Unlike my answer above, I believe everyone needs a day-of-coordinator (or what I call month-of coordinator). And that’s because events = fun. However, managing your own event?  Does not = fun. On the day of your event, you want to be able to actually experience your party, your wedding, or your gala. You want to enjoy it, kick back, relax, and celebrate. You can’t do that if you’re worrying about all the tiny details, or if you’re the point-person who everyone comes to when something goes wrong. That is our job.

Not only were all our guests raving about how much fun they had (and are still raving, two months afterward), my husband and I were actually able to enjoy our wedding from start to finish—we were able to eat, drink and dance all night, not having to worry about the little details.
— Rebecca and Andrew

Will you make me use specific vendors?

Absolutely not. Some planners accept commission for referring clients to specific vendors. We are not those planners. We want our clients to trust us and we think accepting commission negates that trust. We will certainly give you recommendations for vendors who are a pleasure to work with and have a high quality product or service, but we will never force a vendor on you.

I felt like she really “got” us, but also let us make our own decisions. I was afraid of hiring someone who would push their own vision on us, but I didn’t have to worry that Katie would do that.
— Ilona and Evan