The Plannery

The Plannery is a boutique wedding planning and coordination company led by me, Katie Wannen—a DC-based professional who believes high quality is achievable at any budget.  At The Plannery, there are no “shoulds”— my team is here to support and nurture each unique client. As practical, down-to-earth planners and coordinators, we’re here to shoulder the stress and insanity so you can relax, enjoy, and party your ass off! Our business style is friendly, real, creative, and open-minded, where inspiration is more important than aspiration and where the priority is spending money in a smart and conscious way. We fully support marriage equality, and giddily enjoy planning weddings and other events for everyone.


The Team

 Photo: Paired Images

Photo: Paired Images

Katie Wannen, Owner + Planner

Katie launched The Plannery in 2012, and has been planning fun, quirky, gorgeous, one of a kind weddings and events in the D.C. area over the last five years. Before relocating to the DC area (Del Ray in Alexandria, VA to be exact), her experience in NYC included working as a wedding planner at a high-end event planning and design firm and as a manager for an event entertainment company. Katie is a recent contributor to both the blog and the book, A Practical Wedding – helping couples on How to Choose a Wedding Venue, and Doing a Wedding Venue Site Visit: Questions to Ask, and has also been featured on Catalyst Wed Co and spoke at their (un)convention, Brooklyn. She was also recently featured on an episode of the excellent podcast, Surprisingly Awesome (about Wedding Planning, of course).

Having grown up in Connecticut (with a few formative years in Paris, France), she then earned her undergraduate degree from Barnard College, Columbia University in NYC. She received her certification in events management through George Washington University’s School of Business in July of 2013.

Katie is a pop-culture junkie who loves eating her husband’s delicious cooking. She’s mother to her darling daughters, Tallulah and Delta, and her other special girl - her black lab, Birdie :) She also fanatically enjoys organizing family travel plans—often years in advance.

 Photo: Paired Images

Photo: Paired Images

Tarra MORGAN, coordinator

Like many others in the industry, Tarra fell in love with weddings after planning her own in Baltimore.  At that time, she was actually pursuing her PhD in Criminal Justice and then it hit her…she was totally in the wrong field.  Since then, she has dedicated every caring, creative, organized, and detail-oriented bone in her body to helping others make their wedding day dreams come true!

Tarra’s wedding coordinating journey began in 2013 in the breath-taking Charlottesville, VA region.  Her MO is pretty simple:  Listen, Imagine, and Execute.  Her style is completely opposite of the pushy, know-it-all, you are just another client approach to wedding coordinating (hence, she’s a perfect fit for The Plannery).

With a BS in Psychology and a MA in Criminal Justice under her belt, Tarra continued her education and received an Event Management Certification Program from George Washington University School of Business in 2017.  

Tarra is a laid-back yet attentive New Englander.   She is a planner through and through, though she is open to a little spontaneity here and there.  She is fond of all things creative including art, poetry, photography, and music…especially music.  She resides in the Baltimore area with her best friend and partner Jessy and their son, Sargeant.

 Photo: Jay Westcott

Photo: Jay Westcott

Kim LOFGREN, Designer

A trained graphic designer and a lover of all things visual, Kim’s favorite parts of planning her own wedding included picking flowers, invitation styles, colors, and wrangling various design elements.

Her eye for design and penchant for organization led to many of Kim’s friends tapping her for design advice when planning their weddings—which led her to realize she could share her skills with others! Looking for a way to broaden her design expertise, she reached out to Katie (whom she had hired as her month-of coordinator) to see if she’d be interested in starting a design arm of her company. Katie loved the idea and after a few planning meetings and emails (OK, a lot of emails!) event design at The Plannery was born.

Kim holds a B.A. in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University and is currently a full-time graphic designer at a large consulting firm. She contracts with Katie for clients interested in adding design services on top of a general planning package. She currently lives in Fairfax with her husband in their newly purchased townhouse that she’s enjoyed decorating. In between her day job and wedding designs, Kim enjoys going to barre classes, watching documentaries on Netflix, and discussing Myers-Briggs personality types. She’s an ISFJ, if you’re wondering!