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Friday Links: Officiants, One-Lowsmanship, & more suits!

  I had a very busy week this week. Exciting new collaborations with Capitol Romance and a photo shoot with the awesome Stephen Gosling (I'll share the pics once I have them).

But first thing's first: Best. Officiant. EVER.

Per this week's post on lady's menswear, more suits here! Click through to see some lovely cream options from H&M, available April 4th. Line up, ladies.

There have been a lot of mixed reviews on the season finale of Girls. However you felt about it, this breakdown of how long it would have actually taken Adam to run to Hannah's apartment killed me - the ex-New Yorker in me loved this. I used to live in Prospect Heights. The idea that he'd even consider traveling from Prospect Heights to Greenpoint (let alone take the G train), is absolutely insane.

Finally, I adored Off-Beat Bride's post about one-lowsmanship & one-upsmanship this week. Read it. Now. It ties in with my post on the pressure to be crafty, and I will nod my head til it falls off to this brilliant statement: "Engaged women don't need another voice telling them they're failing. It doesn't matter if it's a voice of tradition telling them they're wrong for wanting to have their wedding in the round, or a voice of non-tradition telling them they're wrong for wanting to wear a white dress — brides need encouragement and support."

**(except that I'd add "engaged women and men" but that's nit picky)

Say No To The Dress

Disclaimer: this post is for the ladies. I love me a lady in a tuxedo. I personally feel super powerful and sexy wearing them. Call it a pantsuit, call it menswear for women - whatever it is, I love it. And I especially love women that rock it on their wedding day. So I thought I’d indulge in my love for the pantsuit and share some of my favorites today.

I gotta start with my all-time favorites which are way out of my price range, but needed to be included. These two Alexander McQueen from the Resort 2013 collection are STUNNING.


I love this high-wasted tuxedo that Leelee Sobieski rocked back in ‘11


Apparently the CFDA awards in ’11 brought out the amazing tuxes cause I also adore this one Kirsten Dunst wore


These Zach Posen wide leg trousers are sadly sold out, but I love the art deco feel, and with a bit more of a feminine touch


via Lyst


Rachel Zoe knows a thing or two about menswear for women. I love this whole look with the 70’s flare


Finally, East Side Bride had a great post about how and where ladies should shop for suits. It includes some helpful advice and the comments section had good tidbits as well.

Oh, and OffBeat Bride just featured a wedding with bridesmaids in suits. BRIDESMAIDS IN SUITS! I love it. LOVE. IT.

If you rocked a tux at your wedding, send it to me to share! I love them and it will bring me much tailored happiness!