Amber Wilkie

Shira and Graeme's VisArts Rockville, MD wedding

Shira and Graeme got married at VisArts in Rockville, MD this past June. I worked with them as a Month-Of Coordinator which was interesting because they both live in London. We communicated mainly via phone and email, and I finally got to meet this fab couple the day of the rehearsal!

VisArts is a wonderful venue - gotta say that off the bat. It’s a super fun, modern option that still has a fairly traditional ballroom-style room (with a built in dance floor to boot) that maintains its chic edge. Cocktails are held in the Artists’ Concourse and the Gallery can remain open during cocktail hour for guests to view some awesome artwork (though drinks are not allowed).

Shira and Grame did their first look in the gallery at VisArts which I thought was a beautiful backdrop - but frankly, how can you even notice the artwork when there’s such exuberance and love on this guy’s face?? That’s a man in love.

They did some beautiful portraits around Rockville (all photos shot by the always talented and always awesome to work with Amber Wilkie), and then headed to the synagogue for their ketubah signing.

Shira’s father is a Rabbi and he performed their ceremony at the beautiful B’nai Israel Congregation.

And that herbal chuppah. The chuppah, as well as the centerpiece herbs (we’ll get to that shortly), were provided by Willow Oaks Farms. That synagogue smelled AMAZING, people. Use the herbs if you’re into it - your sense of smell is the one most connected to memory so how great would it be to smell rosemary (or mint, or thyme, or whatever herb you love) for the rest of your life and think of your wedding day?

After cocktails, Shira and Graeme’s reception was beautiful, simple, with a touch of rustic. Their tables were so warm and inviting, and their centerpieces were herbs designed for guests to take them home (I may or may not have one of the leftovers on my back porch).

And then... the dancing began. Guys. This was the hora to end all horas. It was about 30 minutes of incredible movement, joy, dance, silliness, and love. Basically, the best.

And they served lamb as their main course. Apparently this was somewhat controversial, but I adored the choice and am officially recommending more couples serve lamb at their weddings. Do it. Tasty, amazing and why not stretch your guests' palates a bit?

The evening ended with a little more dancing, some final blessings, hugs, and beautifully fragrant favors clutched in the hands of some very happy guests.

Shira and Graeme's wedding vendors:
Event Coordination: Katie Wannen, The Plannery
Ceremony Venue: B'nai Israel Congregation
Reception Venue: VisArts
Photographer: Amber Wilkie
Florist: Willow Oak Farms
Caterer: Glorious Kosher
Music: Cherry Blossom Music Associates
Lighting: Precon Events

Friday Links: Anchors Aweigh!

I'm still not blogging as much as I'd like to, but I hope to do more as my wedding season slows down... in 2-3 months. Ah well, I'll keep doing what I can. Til then, I'm actually getting ready to head out on vacation. I'll post about it when I return, but very much looking forward to being unplugged (by force, but sometimes that's the best way) - starting to think unplugging at least once a week is the way to go. Please, please, please, can we stop expecting wedding gifts to be worth a certain amount and then being horribly tacky and bitchy about it when they don't live up to your crazy expectations? Thank you.

Moving on to the real stuff, The Atlantic had an awesome article about feminism, the sharing of household duties, men vs. women, and marriage. It's really fantastic and I highly recommend it. Thoughtful stuff (though it is not very gender neutral, so apologies to LGBT folk).

The NY Times published a Vows story that got super hyped up and I have to admit was rather fabulous (professional juggler falls in love with artist who sets things on fire? Rad.)

Remember my Say No to the Dress post? Well here are a couple more options for ladies who want to wear pants to their wedding

And finally, the photos from the weddings I've been doing this year have slowly been rolling in. The amazing photographer Amber Wilkie just blogged about Shira and Graeme and I adore her pics. It was an awesome wedding and while I hope to do my own blog post about it in the future, check it out now cause it'll undoubtedly make you smile.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th! I'll catch you on the flip side...