Friday Links: Anchors Aweigh!

I'm still not blogging as much as I'd like to, but I hope to do more as my wedding season slows down... in 2-3 months. Ah well, I'll keep doing what I can. Til then, I'm actually getting ready to head out on vacation. I'll post about it when I return, but very much looking forward to being unplugged (by force, but sometimes that's the best way) - starting to think unplugging at least once a week is the way to go. Please, please, please, can we stop expecting wedding gifts to be worth a certain amount and then being horribly tacky and bitchy about it when they don't live up to your crazy expectations? Thank you.

Moving on to the real stuff, The Atlantic had an awesome article about feminism, the sharing of household duties, men vs. women, and marriage. It's really fantastic and I highly recommend it. Thoughtful stuff (though it is not very gender neutral, so apologies to LGBT folk).

The NY Times published a Vows story that got super hyped up and I have to admit was rather fabulous (professional juggler falls in love with artist who sets things on fire? Rad.)

Remember my Say No to the Dress post? Well here are a couple more options for ladies who want to wear pants to their wedding

And finally, the photos from the weddings I've been doing this year have slowly been rolling in. The amazing photographer Amber Wilkie just blogged about Shira and Graeme and I adore her pics. It was an awesome wedding and while I hope to do my own blog post about it in the future, check it out now cause it'll undoubtedly make you smile.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th! I'll catch you on the flip side...


Anniversary Gifts

  My wedding anniversary is coming up tomorrow (yay!) and this past weekend we threw a surprise party for my in-laws' 40th anniversary (wrap up on that to come later this week). All these anniversaries have got me thinking about anniversary gift ideas. Last year I had the poem my sister wrote and read during her maid-of-honor speech custom designed into a poster for our home (by the amazing Alfie Cooper - checka check them out). I love walking past it and being reminded of that day - and what our relationship is all about.

This is not a new idea, by any means.  But I think it's a great (fairly inexpensive) gift idea that has emotional significance while also looking pretty dang awesome and adding some style to your home. I had fun finding other options around the internets. Enjoy!