Here's to my anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary.

It’s been a crazy year with lots of highs and lots of lows and I couldn’t have gotten through the hard and enjoyed the good without him.

So here’s to him. Here’s to my rock. Here’s to my favorite thing. Here’s to the best home chef I know. Here’s to the arms that make me feel safe. Here’s to the man who serenaded me on our wedding day and got the entire crowd to sing with him. Here’s to my adventurer. Here's to my laughter. Here's to watching in awe and ecstasy on your wedding day as your guy crushes his 80's dance moves to Poison. Here's to the man who made October 23rd my most favorite day. Here’s to my husband.

Happy anniversary from your Katie May

getting ready

our adventure book - UP!

Mom-made boutonnierres

personalized cake toppers by sister

Anniversary Parties

I’ve been planning a lot of anniversary parties this year. This past fall my husband, brother-in-law and sister-in-law surprised our parents with a 40th anniversary party. We held it in a private room at a local restaurant and kept it on the intimate side to make sure friends and family had a chance to talk and celebrate. It was a great evening, with great food and beverage, and they were actually very surprised (as you can see....)

I’m no florist, but I put together some simple arrangements, and my sister-in-law had a caricature done of the two of them which guests then signed as a memento for the evening.

More recently, at the end of March I traveled back to NYC to help celebrate my sister’s 10 year anniversary with her partner. They, too, wanted to keep it simple and intimate - with about 40-50 people - so we again chose a private room in a local restaurant. I (yet again) played basic florist and borrowed some awesome modern bud vases from a friend to just bump up the decor ever so slightly. I also put together a little collage of photos of them and their baby in the shape of a “10” as a little surprise for them.

It was a great evening and so much fun!

Private rooms in restaurants are a great option for people looking to have smaller gatherings. They usually don’t charge you for the room/space, just for the food and drink. They also usually provide the tables, chairs, linens, and even the votives - and of course, they also provide the service. It’s a really easy, simple way to hold a small cocktail party (assuming you’re ok with paying for the food and drink). I highly recommend not forgetting restaurants when you’re thinking of venues for any gathering - even weddings!

And congrats again to all the wonderful couples in my family!


Today is my anniversary! I'll be spending my day reflecting on how garsh-darned happy I am to have found my person (and a hot, amazing, one at that). So in the meantime, here's a link from my fantastic cousin's blog to give you a taste of what my wedding was like, as well as a taste of something sweet: In the Name of The Cookie (and you should really be reading all her stuff, cause she's amazing and an actual writer - unlike someone who shall not be named - coughcoughme).


Anniversary Gifts

  My wedding anniversary is coming up tomorrow (yay!) and this past weekend we threw a surprise party for my in-laws' 40th anniversary (wrap up on that to come later this week). All these anniversaries have got me thinking about anniversary gift ideas. Last year I had the poem my sister wrote and read during her maid-of-honor speech custom designed into a poster for our home (by the amazing Alfie Cooper - checka check them out). I love walking past it and being reminded of that day - and what our relationship is all about.

This is not a new idea, by any means.  But I think it's a great (fairly inexpensive) gift idea that has emotional significance while also looking pretty dang awesome and adding some style to your home. I had fun finding other options around the internets. Enjoy!