Friday Links: Think Positively

This week. THIS WEEK. Good grief. It's been a rough one for so many reasons. Monday's bombing hit hard for me. A huge majority of my family lives in the Boston area. My mother and step-dad, my sister, many cousins, uncles and aunts. I had several friends who were both running the marathon and at the marathon. And let's not even go into the Senate's decision on gun control. So.

I really want to bring some positivity up in here.

Let's start with a beautiful piece my cousin wrote about running with her fear. Yes, the same writer cousin who has an awesome blog you should be reading. It's a gorgeous piece about fear, running, and good old beantown. If you don't read any other links, please read this one.

I also really like this piece from The Atlantic about how to move forward after these terrifying acts.

Let's also not forget that it's springtime, people! The time for growth, renewal, and flowers! If you happen to live in the Shenandoah Valley area, check out Kinfolk's upcoming flower potluck. Love it. Wish I lived a bit closer...

I am also recently obsessed with an awesome new blog called Advanced Style. It chronicles amazing older women and their beauty and fashion. LOVE. This post I thought was especially wonderful, this week of all weeks. Wise words from a stylish wise woman on the power of positive thinking.

And finally. Can we all please give it up for this most amazing future bride? I think it's the most kick-ass description of a dream wedding I've ever read - not to mention the most succinct and rad description of why non-white wedding dresses are the sh!t. (oh, and for you old folks out there like me, MCR is "My Chemical Romance" - amaze).

Happy Friday folks. Stay positive and let's keep on keepin' on.