Friday Links: Maryland's ready, Les Mis, and creepy babies

Hope you all had a lovely week. I've been busy with new clients, new vendors and getting our house prepped for the holidays (which is strange to do in 60 degree weather).

The happy news here locally is that marriage licenses are now officially available for same sex couples in MD. The marriages can't occur til January 1, 2013, but I'm so thrilled for all the happy couples planning their weddings for 2013!

Paperless post already has some awesome invites on their site, but Erin Jang just created some new designs for their holiday invites that you should definitely check out - so modern and fun. For those of you who don't know Paperless Post, they're a way classier version of evite - emailed invitations with really gorgeous design. Great option for smaller parties - from holiday gatherings to showers, birthdays to new years (and I did not get paid to say this. I truly just like them a lot).

As some of you may know I have a theatre background - so the musical theatre nerd in me really lurved this Les Mis wedding flash mob. That being said, my favorite version of the Les Mis flash mob is still this version (which was technically for a birthday). His joy just gets me every time in my theatre nerd soul.

And guys? I don't usually like to criticize or be too snarky. But... this woman makes baby cakes. Cakes that look like babies. Whatttt.

And with that disturbing idea, I leave you. Have a great weekend!