a simple touch

If you asked her, my mother would likely claim she's not a great hostess. She always apologizes profusely before I arrive that she didn't clean enough, or didn't get something-or-other done. But I disagree. You see, my mother loves beautiful things. And so, whenever I come to visit she always has a small flower arrangement somewhere. Sometimes it's beside my bed


Sometimes it's in the bathroom


I think it's a great reminder that none of us are perfect hosts or hostesses. There's always going to be a dust bunny you missed. A meal that wasn't planned. A blanket you forgot to leave out. But small, simple touches are really all you need to make people feel welcome and special. These teeny tiny bouquets are so stunning and always bring a smile to my face - not only because of their beauty, but because I know my Mom did it because she loves doing it. The things you do for guests because you want to are the things they always notice and care about. Big thanks to my mother for that simple lesson.