happy holidays

Happy Holidays from The Plannery!

This has been quite the year for The Plannery. Owning and managing The Plannery as a small business afforded me the privilege to stay home with my daughter when she was an infant. But 2016 saw me slowly being able to get back to work, pick up speed again, and sign on more and more clients. I have to thank my amazing team: Tarra has been such an incredible part of our business this year - she took on a ton more coordinating jobs - and kicked a$$ at them all. I look forward to her continuing to take a bigger and bigger role in the coordination side of things here at The Plannery. She's excellent at her job and I hope 2017 means lots of more wedding coordination for her! And of course, at the end of this year we also launched our new event design services, thanks to Kim! In 2016 we tested and tried the services out, and I'm excited to see how that branch of the business can grow in 2017 as well.

Big thanks to all of our amazing clients, past, present and future, for being so wonderful to work with, and for trusting us with organizing your important day. Happy Holidays to you all and a very Happy New Year as well!

Photo by Danielle Hunter




Happy Holidays!

I wanted to take a quick moment and wish everyone a very happy holiday season! My hubby and I are taking a couple days to do a babymoon at a B&B in VA prior to Christmas - really looking forward to getting away and enjoying some of our last moments as just the two of us. As my due date looms, I will continue to be working and blogging as much as possible - but I am looking forward to the down time the holidays tend to naturally create and I hope you all take some time to relax, rejuvenate, and celebrate! Leaving you with some fantastic photos Sarah of Val & Sarah recently took of our little family (and for those of you who follow me on Instagram know, that beautiful black lab is our new puppy, Birdie). Huge shout out and thanks to Sarah… I love and adore these pics!

From our family to yours, happy holidays and happy new year!!

Photo by Val & Sarah

Photo by Val & Sarah

Photo by Val & Sarah

Photo by Val & Sarah

Photo by Val & Sarah




Happy Holidays 2013

I’ve been in full-on holiday spirit mode lately. We’re hosting my entire family for the holidays (they arrive this Saturday) so I’m decking the halls and enjoying every second.

The Plannery will officially be on vacation next week - I plan to give myself a real break from work and social media while the family is in town.

So I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season before the family arrives and I’m off in the land of christmas cookie baking, present wrapping, and - who are we kidding - drinking and merriment. Enjoy your friends, enjoy your family, enjoy your traditions, your food, your decorations - relish it all. Wishing you peace, safe travels, and lots of holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays from The Plannery!



Holiday Hostess Gifts

The holidays are fast (FAST) approaching. I can’t believe it. I yelped to myself “WHATT??” the other day upon realizing there is only one free weekend before my family arrives. And so - I wanted to share some inexpensive, practical gifts (cause you know I love me some practicality) to bring to those holiday parties this year:

Modern House Wines have a line of very cute and hip wines available at Target. I picked up some “Here’s to You” to have on hand. I think the labels make for very cute gifts - and fyi, these also made Oprah and Gwynyth Paltrow’s gift guides - so that’ll either make you want it more or less. You decide. I went for it because of the price. And cause I could buy it at Target. I love Target.

Another option is to drop by your local cheese store. I happen to have Cheestique nearby and I adore them. Little known fact is that I wanted to own a cheese shop when I was a girl. Long story to be told another time, but needless to say, I love cheese shops. Pop in to yours and pick up some goodies - my favorites are Taleggio and Epoisses (for those who love the delicious and don’t mind the stinky). You don’t need to stick to cheese though - buy some cured meats, some bread, or even a lovely slate cheese board for your host or hostess.

Fabric cocktail napkins are another favorite because they’re something you’d never buy for yourself. I don’t have any. But I’d totally use them if I did. I think these from Crate & Barrel are very festive and modern without being overly cutesy and holiday-y.

I also love these silicone ice cube trays from Tovolo that create extra large cubes. These are so much more stylish for those drinks “on the rocks.” Your boozehound friends will adore them.

And why not also give them some bitters to make the perfect cocktails? I love this gift set from Scrappys

On the cheaper end, why not just make them a mix of your favorite holiday music? You already know True Blue Miracle from Christmas Eve on Sesame Street is one of my favorites. Some others include the Andrews Sisters (classic), as well as Benjamin Britton’s Ceremony of Carols. Amahl and the Night Visitors is the best, though. My mom used to play this every year and it always gives me the warm fuzzies. A beautiful Christmas story and I’m not kidding will make me cry so I have to stop talking about it right now.

Flowers are always a good standby. But why not DIY some florals? Middle Atlantic Wholesale Florist doesn’t only sell wholesale! They’re an amazing gem - drop by and they can help you find and put together whatever you need, including vases and greenery!

Headed back to my Del Ray hood, I have to recommend a pint of Frozen Custard from the Dairy Godmother. You can see their flavor forecast here. I’m dying to try the eggnog flavor. This is a can’t miss gift. Unless they’re lactose intolerant. In which case, skip it.

And finally, this is a season about giving. So why not donate to a charity in honor of your host or hostess? World Vision has a great gift catalog with amazing options include goats, ducks, clean water, or education for young women! That is what it’s all about, folks.

Happy Holidays!!!