Queen Mary 2 recap (non-traditional wedding venue, anyone?)

I’m baaaaack. And I didn’t sink OR sing the Titanic theme song (though another crazy woman at karaoke did).


Let me back up. My Dad used to travel a lot for work. A lot. He recently retired and a couple years ago went on the Queen Mary 2’s transatlantic crossing. He loved it. So he wanted to do it again and make it a family trip. My husband and I love to travel and while we never would have thought to do a transatlantic crossing on our own, we jumped at the chance to join him and the rest of our family.


It has a reputation (which is somewhat valid) for being a boat full of old people. And let’s face it, generally only old people can afford to take that much time off just to hop across the pond. But in the summer months, there are a few more youngins and the whole experience was actually super rad and far exceeded my expectations. It’s also worth mentioning I think this would be an awesome honeymoon (in the warmer months), as well as a swanky and unique venue for a wedding. Just sayin'.

First of all, as my Dad said “it’s a very civilized way to travel.” And it so is. The boarding of the boat was a breeze - a BREEZE - compared to air travel. It was so easy and lovely and basically 15 minutes after boarding we were already in a bar on board having a beer. Plus, the service and accommodations were outstanding - this is not your normal cruise. This is a crossing.

What I enjoyed the most was that it was a really lovely way to unplug and enjoy some peace (hello, you’re in the middle of the ocean) while at the same time the boat had a ton of fun activities so you never got bored. We did some ballroom dance lessons, lectures, a champagne tasting, afternoon tea every day, karaoke, pub quizzes, got a massage, and danced our butts off every night. But we also just walked or read on the deck, enjoying the air, the sea, and the quiet. Plus, I was there with a big group of family and it was wonderful to spend time with them.


Once we landed, my husband and I spent a few days in London...


and then I headed home for a wedding!

I’m so excited to be back. I've been getting some beautiful photos of the weddings I've worked on this year which I can't wait to share with you! And things are really picking up speed here - I’m busy busy busy and loving every minute of it.

But when I need a moment of peace I’ll just close my eyes and be back on that amazing Atlantic ocean once again...



My husband gifted me with a vacation to South Beach and the Florida Keys for Christmas (best. gift. ever). And so last week we jumped on our flight and unplugged. No social media - no Twitter, no Facebook. I removed all my phone notifications so that I'd have no idea when emails came in. It was heaven - and much needed. I'm back now. Recharged and ready to get back to work. 2013 brought with it a bunch of new, amazing clients. I'm so excited for this year and really looking forward to diving back in with renewed energy! So here's to rest and relaxation.

Oh, and Pirate weddings. Apparently Pirate Weddings are a big thing in Key West. (love it)