Carol and Andy's Shenandoah Woods Wedding

Photo by Jess Latos Photography

Photo by Jess Latos Photography

Now that Tarra and I are emerging from maternity leave, we're looking back at some of our great weddings from this past season. Here's Tarra to discuss this beautiful Shenandoah Woods wedding. The couple wanted to maintain some privacy so you won't see any faces here - but the photos by Jess Latos Photography are still a must-see! Take it away, Tarra...

It was a pleasure to work alongside Carol and Andy in the weeks leading up to their amazing wedding.  All of their hard work and dedication paid off in showing their friends and family a truly amazing night valley in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Shenandoah Woods offered a romantic, relaxed atmosphere with the most magical views.  It felt like I was camping under the stars with 150 new friends!  [Sidebar: I am super excited to return to this incredible venue for another Plannery wedding in August 2018.]

Carol and Andy were a joy to be around with her kindness and warmth and Andy’s passion. The event was filled with laughter and tears. I was particularly moved by their inclusion of a private memorial honoring departed family members. With their closest loved ones present, they carefully placed marked roses within their gorgeous DIY chuppah. This is a testament to how deeply devoted this couple is to their family and each other.

The ceremony was officiated by their two witty friends bringing in both Catholic and Jewish elements, which was super-amusing.  Other cool elements that I really enjoyed about this event included the very chic wedding party attire, the stunning flowers by Beyond Asian Antiques & Floral, and the delicious dessert spread by Triple Oak Bakery.  Oh and I can’t forget about the good ol’ fashioned s’mores by the fire pit.  Enjoy this wedding that was captured so perfectly well by Jess Latos Photography - and congrats again Carol and Andy!