New additions at The Plannery

So in addition to my new addition at home, I also had some other big changes up my sleeve for 2015. I'm so excited to announce that I've brought on a new Associate Coordinator, Tarra Morgan, to The Plannery family to help assist me on some of my 2015 weddings, as well as take on some Month-Of Coordination clients of her own! Tarra helped me out this Fall and was absolutely fantastic - she was so proactive, rad, and most importantly - damned great at the job. I'm really thrilled for Tarra to join our Plannery team and continue to grow with us. In the next few weeks we'll be introducing her a bit more - with a blog post of her own about her background, as well as a post on her own stunning wedding to her beautiful wife.

Tarra Morgan

Tarra Morgan

In the meantime, a bit more about Tarra:

Like many others in the industry, Tarra fell in love with weddings after planning her own in Baltimore.  At that time, she was actually pursuing her PhD in Criminal Justice and then it hit her…she was totally in the wrong field.  She knew from then, with every caring, creative, organized, and detail-oriented bone in her body she would dedicate herself to helping others make their wedding day dreams come true!

Tarra's wedding coordinating journey began in the breath-taking Charlottesville, VA region.  Her MO is pretty simple:  Listen, Imagine, and Execute.  Her style is completely opposite of the pushy, know-it-all, you are just another client approach to wedding coordinating (hence, she's a perfect fit for The Plannery).

With a BS in Psychology and a MA in Criminal Justice under her belt, Tarra is continuing her education in the Event Management Certification Program at George Washington University School of Business.  Tarra is a laid-back, quirky, and eclectic New Englander.   She is a planner through and through, though she is open to a little spontaneity here and there.  She is fond of all things creative including art, poetry, photography, and music…especially music.  She resides in Fairfax, VA with her best friend/partner Jessy and their extremely handsome American Bulldog named Mudd.

Please join me in welcoming her!