Elan Artists Showcase

Elan Artists Last week I attended one of Elan Artists' dance band showcases. They featured their very popular band, The Source, as well as their retooled version of Nation (they added some new lead singers). It was an awesome evening at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown, with delicous cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. But most of all, it was great, live music. I was really impressed with both bands.

Nation has two new lead singers - who sounded amazing. Nation's repertoire includes the very best of Funk, Soul, Motown, Sinatra-style Jazz & Swing, Rock, 80's, 90's, and Contemporary. What I personally loved about them was that one of their musicians doubles as a sax player and vocalist - and he was rad. It's always awesome to get some horns in on the action - I think horns add a ton to the evening. I also really liked Nation's vibe - they were laid back while still being full of energy and producing a high quality performance. FYI, this variation of Nation is so new, they haven't updated their website yet. I was told they'll be getting new footage and clips up soon - but I'd give Elan Artists a call directly if you want more info in the meantime.

In my opinion, The Source has a different vibe. This is a great band for people looking for a more upscale but still semi-traditional wedding band - i.e. they had choreographed moves and had a bit more showmanship. But like Nation, they sounded fantastic and brought really powerful energy. They also cover a wide variety of songs and styles through Jazz & Swing, Soul, Motown, R&B, Rock, Funk, Disco, Reggae, Hip Hop and more.

Everyone has their own personal tastes - based on this showcase I'd recommend either! Both did an excellent job with a variety of styles, sounded great, and brought positive energy to the room. Hearing bands live is the #1 way to tell how they really are, what they sound like, and whether you like them. I think it's fantastic how often Elan Artists do these showcases - if you're on the lookout for a band, keep your eyes peeled to their website and definitely attend their next showcase!