Happy Thanksgiving!

I've finished cleaning and prepping and errand running - so in my first free moment (whew), I wanted to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving! We're hosting my husband's side of the family and some friends who are coming down from NYC. It's a smaller gathering than some holidays, but I'm looking forward to it. The husband was off hunting with his father and brother and I just learned they bagged 7 geese so we're doing goose again this year!

Things have been pretty stressful for me lately, so I tried to keep Thanksgiving simple even thought we're hosting. Easy table decor, easy place cards, easy does it. I think Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to really take a step back and remember what matters and what doesn't. Direct attention on the blessings and the priorities in life. And although I'm an event planner and I love me some gatherings and decor and festivities… sometimes it's good to keep it simple so you can focus on what really matters: the friends and the family.

So I'm wishing you all a wonderful day filled with thanks and love (and hopefully some tasty food as well). Happy Thanksgiving!