SubCulture NYC Opening Celebration

This past weekend I traveled quite a bit in the span of a few days. First, I headed up to CT to attend the engagement party my parents were throwing for my brother (and no, I’m not planning the wedding - I want to party, not work!).

Afterwards I headed to NYC to help two very old, dear friends with the official opening party for their great new space, SubCulture.

SubCulture is a subterranean music and arts venue - a place to bring eclectic yet accessible music and creative arts performances to the people of NYC. On top of that, I might add, this amazing space is available for rent - ie: someone needs to do a wedding here, stat, and let me plan it. Or a birthday party. Or an anniversary party. Just party here and let me help, ok? Seriously, though, if you're in the NYC area you need to check this place out - they have awesome performances lined up and it's a guaranteed fun evening.

This venue is actually quite similar to where I held my own wedding (a local music venue). It’s awesome for several reasons:

1. They put a lot of thought into the decor and design. It's industrial chic and you don’t have to do much to the space, just work with what they’ve already done. Even the bathrooms are cool (seriously, I swear). For example, check out this awesome installation as you walk down the stairs to the space - so hip:


2. Built-in bar, built-in amazing audio equipment, built-in lighting = easy and rad. Enough said. You don't need multiple vendors, the space has a lot of items covered for you.

3. The space is versatile and creative. You can have fun and get creative with your floorplan and set-up.

I had a great time helping their opening celebration take place. Big congrats again to the Kaplan brothers for making it happen - proud and honored to be a part of it. Now move to DC and open one here, please.