Bubbly optimism

  A wise woman (aka, an awesome friend) once gifted me with a bottle of champagne and told me that you should always have a bottle in the fridge for out-of-the-blue celebrations. I popped the bottle she gave me when my husband had a surprise promotion and was so thrilled we had it.

I love this recommendation. It's easy. It doesn't have to be a fancy, expensive bottle. It could be Prosecco, or any other kind of sparkling wine you enjoy (but you do need to enjoy it). And it doesn't take up much room in the fridge. BUT - it makes a small celebration feel awfully special in an awfully easy way.




And I love knowing it's there. The antici....pation feels great. Every time I reach into my fridge for that morning's milk, or to help prep for dinner, my eyes linger over the bottle and I consider when we might open it. What will life throw in our path that will give us good cause to celebrate? I guess it's my small way of not only being a good hostess, but a bit of an optimist as well.