a spicy gathering

What I love about owning a home is being able to entertain on a whim. And what I love about having the amazing husband I have is being able to eat all of his delicious food. We had an impromptu gathering the other evening - nothing super-special, just the two of us and my in-laws watching some Redskins. But it FELT more special than that because my husband is great at getting inspired by food and sharing that food with others (oh yeah, and cooking the food). Our gatherings always seem to start with him wanting to make something and share it. I think it's so key to any evening, any event, any party.

This time, it started with the chili. He had the urge to make chili and it had to be done. Home-made chili powder, beef cubed himself, a dash of Sol beer. YES. Please.





While at the grocery store we realized we really wanted bloody marys as well. So we picked up the fixings and had those ready to go when the in-laws arrived. I was the one who reminded him to use his grandmother's fabulous glasses. And to rim those glasses with Old Bay (amazing and delicious if you've never tried it. You'll never go back).


Bloody Mary


a spicy evening, for sure